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Elle Decoration September 2023 Photographer Daniëlle Siobhan
Elle Decoration September 2023 Photographer Daniëlle Siobhan
Elle Decoration September 2023 Photographer Daniëlle Siobhan
Elle Decoration September 2023 Photographer Daniëlle Siobhan
Elle Decoration September 2023 Photographer Daniëlle Siobhan
Elle Decoration September 2023 Photographer Daniëlle Siobhan
HOUSECTC,  unique in design, vintage and interior management

The taste that HouseCTC brings, with the professionals from the network, with the love for art, design and vintage brings a complete package for those looking for construction and interior management to create beautiful, unique furnishings.

My name is Saskia Kloostra and my firm HouseCTC stands for House Close to Close. This refers to the company Close to Close that already exists in which large technological projects have been realized successful with more than 20 years of project management experience for large corporates. This experience is applied for interieur, design, art projects and construction advice and overall management. The work is therefore carried out in a structured manner and has a plan, budget and a schedule.

HouseCTC in the ELLE Decoration click here

Design & Interior

HouseCTC is able to create a vision for the design and bring it to life in detail with interior and design specialists based on the customer's wishes. Unique is the close cooperation with the right creative people that HouseCTC has in the network.

The experience is that the creation and coming of an interior, house or apartment is a special journey with a great impact. Unique in this is that the professionals translate the wishes of the customer well, but also challenge each other so that beautiful creations and unexpected designs are created together. Creating together is the most beautiful part of the building process. It is HouseCTC's job to develop and build on the basis of a vision and to guide and manage that process.

Art, Design & Vintage

There is an admired interior designer Kelly Wearstler who says: "the eye must travel". Art, design and beautiful vintage pieces make that possible and it makes a home personal. It's certainly not about how expensive it is. It's about the energy an artist or designer has put into it, the emotion it evokes and the look and shape it has. At HouseCTC, we love knowing the story about the designs and artworks. 

So if you need help finding the right art or design pieces, get in touch! HouseCTC helps by working with you to find the right piece that you need in your interior.

Building, Project & Interior Management

HouseCTC is also about collaboration with other professionals, designers, suppliers but also construction professionals. With the experience in construction and project management, this part can be carried out on behalf of the client.

With over 20 years of project management experience, there is the ability to hear the message that is not being said, but that needs to be talked about. It is also more important to be ahead of problems, to make good plans, to escalate if necessary and, above all, to immediately come up with solutions. It's about communication and creativity and understanding the construction world with its own language. Also being on site every day to solve the unexpected things that happen during the day or to view and manage based on what is needed. HouseCTC knows the pitfalls and can be ahead of many problems. That gives peace of mind for everyone and above all it prevents financial setbacks afterwards.

Project & location rental: HouseCTC

HouseCTC originated from the realization and construction of the own, private home. It has been realized with love and has been given an eclectic interior. HouseCTC is therefore not only a service in the complete interior management, the location can also be rented for photo shoots. Click here for more images and background on how the project came about and was realized. Contact us for more information about the rental possibilities!

Location Rental: Factory
For film recordings and photo shoots, there are several empty floors for rent in a renovated factory hall in Amsterdam East. Click here for more images of the 240 m2 factory hall.